One system for all processes within DasAccess!

Developwizard got the opportunity to develop a brand new high performance platform for DAS Access. To this day, we are constantly adding new functionalities to the platform to give users and customers...

Our approach

Curious how DevelopWizard approaches your project, from head to tail?

B2B platform for Jablotron

User-friendliness and graphic design are always central. Therefore, we first created visitor profiles of the different types of Jablotron B2B customers

B2B as a B2C webshop with a track & trace application

To keep their business running online, Max & Molly Urban Pets relies on a variety of online tools (CMS, ERP, office 365 support) from Developwizard.

Our customers

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All-in e-commerce Macc Fine Jewellery

A web shop where you can buy diamond earrings in just a few clicks, where you can easily browse through the range of products and services and where you can also look attractive.

About DevelopWizard

DevelopWizard specialises in developing apps, webshops and websites that fit seamlessly into your overall business strategy.

Our offices

Developwizard has its offices in the Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. We look forward to welcoming you to talk about your business and how we can help you as a digital partner.